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This is information obtained from our independent research and is for educational purposes only. GetRenewal.com does independent research to provide information on the lastest science and discoveries in the anti-aging industry.

Advanced Science & Research

When looking into what is available in the science, research, and discovery that leads to breakthrough nutritional products that benefit us there many things to consider—you have the power to renew your body and feel better every day.

Every single day our bodies replace more than 300 billion cells. The process is called cell renewal and is central to all life. In our many years in this industry, we have found that not every company, through research and investigation, including the study of the effect of medicinal plants and nutrients to human cells at the genomic and protein level,  has identified specific natural compounds that nourish, restore, fortify, and vitalize the cells of your body. These elements have the power to optimize regeneration and help you build stronger, healthier cells.

Not every company uses extensive research, and have scientists who study ingredients from all over the world— ingredients that have been used medicinally for centuries. Not every company  has also reviewed and incorporated compounds in their products which have been proven in scientific literature to provide the vitality needed to enjoy life.

In fact, we know of only one such company. CONTACT US here for specific information about that company.

Industry-leading Results

There is a model that is very successful in providing high quality research and products in a way that is unique to the industry....
• To discover the secrets of nature.
• To scientifically isolate and develop unique nutritional formulations with research-proven effectiveness.
• To deliver these products and their renewing power to you.

In simple terms, renewal is the body’s ability to regenerate and replenish cells giving you the opportunity for daily improvement in how you look, feel, and perform. We have chosen to align ourselves with a company that has spent decades exploring the secrets of natural products to support this process. That work has led to more than 160 patents and patents pending that have been developed in state-of-the-art research facilities, the only such labs in the world dedicated to this specific research.

What is Genomics?

Genomics is the study of an organism's entire genome. The field includes intensive efforts to determine the entire DNA sequence of organisms and fine-scale genetic mapping efforts. The field also includes studies of intragenomic phenomena such as heterosis, epistasis, pleiotropy and other interactions between loci and alleles within the genome. In contrast, the investigation of single genes, their functions and roles, something very common in today's medical and biological research, and a primary focus of molecular biology, does not fall into the definition of genomics, unless the aim of this genetic, pathway, and functional information analysis is to elucidate its effect on, place in, and response to the entire genome's networks.

What is Proteomics?

Proteomics is the large-scale study of proteins, particularly their structures and functions. Proteins are vital parts of living organisms, as they are the main components of the physiological metabolic pathways of cells. The term "proteomics" was coined to make an analogy with genomics, the study of the genes. The word "proteome" is a blend of "protein" and "genome". The proteome is the entire complement of proteins produced by an organism or system. This will vary with time.

Proteomics is often considered the next step in the study of biological systems, after genomics. It is much more complicated than genomics, mostly because while an organism's genome is rather constant, a proteome differs from cell to cell and constantly changes through its biochemical interactions with the genome and the environment. One organism has radically different protein expression in different parts of its body, different stages of its life cycle and different environmental conditions. Another major difficulty is the complexity of proteins relative to nucleic acids. E.g., in humans there are about 25 000 identified genes but an estimated >500 000 proteins that are derived from these genes. This increased complexity derives from mechanisms such as alternative splicing, protein modification  and protein degradation.

What is Nuclear Magnetic Resonance?

Nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) is a physical phenomenon based upon the quantum mechanical magnetic properties of an atom's nucleus. NMR also commonly refers to a family of scientific methods that exploit nuclear magnetic resonance to study molecules.

By studying the peaks of nuclear magnetic resonance spectra, skilled chemists can determine the structure of many compounds. It can be a very selective technique, distinguishing among many atoms within a molecule or collection of molecules of the same type but which differ only in terms of their local chemical environment.

In basic terms, this allows scientists to examine at the smallest possible atomic level within a molecule and the properties of each individual plant fraction. This information is studied, as well as the effects of these fractions individually on human cells, to create the breakthrough products that are produced by only one company that we know of, and will continue to produced for years to come.

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