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Our chosen marketing vehicle is through direct sales, or "relationship" marketing specifically. Depending on your experience and background, you might be familiar with this industry, and quite possibly have an opinion based on personal experience, or that of a friend or family member. Relationship marketing has created many very wealthy people of the past 50-plus years, and continues to do so today. Relationship marketing is part of the direct sales industry, which is growing faster than any other industry in the world. More than 15 million Americans report part or full time employment through direct selling businesses. They enjoy flexible hours, high levels of personal satisfaction and near limitless income growth potential. With the company that we work with, the rewards of this business go far beyond the financial benifits.

The very unique business model of  Gift, Team, Enroll, that we use in our business, along with an introductory impact product, a very financially stable company, and a Team approach like no other in this industry, has made using this business model much more doable for the average person to be able to succeed. This forward thinking model has put this company in the drivers seat, and a leader for the future of where our industry is headed.

We believe that this industry has come of age, and has earned it's place as one of the most lucrative businesses available to anyone with a desire to succeed in business. With most businesses requiring thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of dollars to start a business with no guarantee of success, relationship marketing requires a very minimal initial start up, and therefore a very small risk. Unfortunately, through the years, many companies have exploited this model, with focus on recruiting and exchange of money, as opposed to providing quality products. Because of these companies, many of which are actually operating illegally,  many people have developed an incorrect view of the very legitimate industry know as direct sales, and network marketing in particular.

Because of this, many times the question is asked, innocently, "Isn't this a pyramid?". By all means, no. We highly recommend doing due diligence in reseaching how a business operates before investing anything into it. Pyramids are illegal, and you can not win with them. Direct sales and network marketing are not only legal, but are being utilized by some of the most successful people and companies in the world, such as CitiCorp, Warren Buffet, and Donald Trump, among many others. Univera operates under the highest integrity, and is a product focused business, meaning the business is driven by the sales of Best in Class products, not by the exchange of money.  We have had direct experience with both types of businesses, and we are available to speak with anyone regard the specifics on this subject.

The company we are associated with is a member of the Direct Selling Association, and as Independent Associates, we are providing the following information from the DSA website to assist anyone looking at our business to educate themselves of what to look for, or to look out for, whether or not they choose our company as a future business. Feel free to call us at (323) 632-1908 to find out specific answers to these questions in regard to our business, or CONTACT US here.

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