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Tstephenhe Metabolic Plan by Stephen Cherniske, M.S.

Stephen Cherniske is a best-selling author and former university instructor in Clinical Nutrition, and has
a true gift for communicating the complexities of healing and nutrition in simple, understandable language.
Stephen consulted for athletes and members of the U.S. Olympic Team, served on the faculty of the American College of Sports Medicine, and directed the nation’s first federally-licensed clinical laboratory specializing in nutrition and immunology.

"To truly maintain a high quality of life over a long period of time, you have to treat the underlying cause of aging, which is metabolism." ~Stephen Cherniske


*The following review of "The Metabolic Plan" is from "The Rebecca Review" found on Amazon.com:

Are you frustrated with doctors who only treat your symptoms? Do you want to take more control of your future health?

"The Metabolic Plan" is an inspiring journey into the world of anti-aging solutions. I read every word in a state of absolute wonder. By the time you finish reading this book, you will understand how your body functions on the cellular level. You will also know the details of glycation and oxidation, understand why free-radical damage contributes to nearly all disease states, and discover the beauty of "clustered water."

Stephen Cherniske is an internationally renowned nutritional biochemist who not only explains aging on the biochemical level, he shows you how to slow and even reverse the process. He shows how the body really works, then he explains anabolic power. Once he has laid out his theory, he proves it with well-organized chapters and convincing arguments. Highly intellectual concepts have been made palatable. I really enjoyed his metaphors, humor, analogies, and how he made the complex understandable.

Stephen Cherniske has not only unlocked the secrets of longevity, he is a living example. He has learned how to stop his body from going into a premature "shut down" sequence. He was born in 1948 although medical testing shows his biological age to be around 35 and he has the same muscle-to-fat ration he did when he graduated from high school.

This is not a "diet" and the author says most diets send your metabolism in the wrong direction. If you are frustrated with diets, this is the healthy and logical alternative. The Metabolic Plan is really a lifestyle. You take stock of your current situation and develop a battle plan to defeat aging. With this plan you can improve your mood, sex drive, stamina, energy level, digestion, muscle mass and skin tone. You will notice a more radiant you in the mirror!

The Chapters Include:

1. Foundations
2. Restoring Your Anabolic Power
3. Putting the Brakes on Catabolic Metabolism
4. Stress and the Aging Process
5. How Good Do You Want to Look and Feel?
6. Illness, Immunity, and Metabolism
7. Energy, Exercise, and Metabolism
8. Optimal Nutrition: Building Blocks of the Metabolic Plan
9. Water: Lifespring of the Metabolic Plan
10. Metabolic Issues for Women and Men
11. Keeping Score, Staying Motivated, and Taking Action - Action steps for ages 35-75 (tests, supplements, exercise, major focus and major concerns)
12. Conclusion: A Question of Balance, the Nature of Time
Resources - lots of websites where you can do additional research.

The Metabolic Plan has been featured in the Oprah magazine, Body & Soul, Southwest Airlines Spirit Magazine and Natural Health Magazine. Stephen's articles have also appeared in USA Today, Newsweek and Time. He has appeared on Dateline NBC, FOX News and 48 hours and is widely recognized as a top expert in nutrition.

When I first heard Stephen Cherniske on a radio show, I was instantly intrigued. I knew I wanted to read his book and patiently waited for it to be published. What I didn't realize was how life-changing this information would be.

"You are capable of replacing 300 billion cells every day."

This book presents the most logical and convincing argument for exercising I've ever read. My thought was: "You mean I'm telling my brain I'm older than I am? Wait, I'm going to change the signals I'm sending my brain! Today!" I then went out and bought a pedometer and some suggested supplements and healthy foods, not to mention green barley, aloe juice, milk thistle and melons. There are some delicious foods you can add to your grocery cart and in a few weeks you feel like a different person. Even eating fresh fruits instead of drinking fructose laden drinks helps! I like his ideas about buying whole foods so you don't have to read so many labels!

Some of the questions Stephen Cherniske answers:

Is it possible to enjoy "the prime of life stage" until you are 65?
What is 7-Keto? Why should I not take DHEA before 35?
How can I get my doctor involved in my anti-aging journey?
How can I get my body to produce more DHEA and hGH naturally?
How can I enter a more restful level of sleep?
Why should I maintain optimal liver function?
Why is "just" taking a multivitamin similar to tossing a cup of water on a forest fire?

Stephen Cherniske also provides information on tests you can request to show you your biological age. There is also a nice index so you can look up information when you need it fast.

If you have recently had a visceral awakening (Help! I'm aging too fast!) and are nearing 40, "The Metabolic Plan" will give you all the information you need to make your life a more empowered experience. Suddenly, you will realize how much you can do to stay younger longer!

"The Metabolic Plan" presents a proactive approach. Stephen Cherniske shows how you can restore anabolic metabolism and put the brakes on catabolic activity. You may also want to read: "The DHEA Breakthrough" and "Caffeine Blues."

I'm convinced that this is one of the most important books you will ever read! If you can read this book before you are 40, you will be way ahead of the game! Recommended reading for men and women between 35 and 75 years of age. I just turned 36 and already I've noticed I have more energy in the first month after starting this plan. I'm not even taking the DHEA yet! So, this book is not just about DHEA, it is about healthy life choices and supplements you can take to improve your quality of life.

"The Metabolic Plan" is the most enlightening book on longevity I've read to date! This is cutting edge information. (Book review by Rebecca Johnson, "The Rebecca Review").


Stephen's books are available on Amazon.com, and at Univera.com

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